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Banking With Excellent

Take charge of your checking.

Meet 360 Checking and MONEY, online checking accounts without the business hours. Use 360 Checking to pay your bills, make deposits on the go, and transfer cash, anytime, anywhere. Or, teach your teen the budgeting basics with MONEY, a teen-only checking account. They'll get the same great 360 Checking online features, just with a curfew.


A checking account for you.

Get all the checking features you need to bank where you are. Make deposits from work or from the couch using our top-rated mobile app, and get cash when you need it thanks to a network of over 39,000 AllPoint and Leads Private ATMs.

A checking account for your teen.

Get your teens on the path to financial freedom with a checking account that's just for them. They'll get their own debit card and the latest mobile banking tools, and you’ll get joint account access to keep an eye on things.

What does it offer you:

The right account that banks on your schedule.

Personal checking account is designed to meet your specific banking needs. With its wide range of flexibility.

  • Chequebook
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Internet Banking.
  • E-statements
  • 24/7 Hours Support
  • Eeasy overdrafts

Our Current Account lets you spend less time banking - and more time living - because we know you want good service and convenient access to your money.