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Business Checking Accounts

Business Checking Account

Options for every business

Isn't running your business tough enough without having to worry about all of its related financial needs? At Industrial and Commercial Bank of China New York - (ICBC Bank New York USA)., we take the hassle out of business checking by keeping the paperwork to a minimum and by giving you personalized customer service.

Just like your banking partner, your banking products should be smart, reliable and efficient. We offer a range of checking accounts designed to meet the needs of today’s fast-moving marketplace and to help your business thrive. With upfront guidance and no surprise fees, it's no wonder thousands of business owners trust Industrial and Commercial Bank of China New York - (ICBC Bank New York USA)..


Our business checking accounts are available with a variety of options and services built right in to make your banking as painless as possible. Our Business Client Account Packages provide you and your business with convenient access to the services that a busy, growing business needs the most.

Choose the Client Package (Select Business Client or Business Client) that is right for your business and enjoy truly inclusive banking. Maintain the minimum daily or average daily balance and avoid monthly maintenance fees. Business Client Package provides you access to: Specifically created for small- to medium-size companies that don’t have a lot of banking transactions each month. By maintaining either the minimum daily balance or average daily balance outlined in the Schedule of Fees, the monthly maintenance fee is waived.

Business Checking Account Package provides you access to:

  • MasterCard/Visa/Verve debit card
  • Internet banking
  • Monthly e-statements
  • Cheque Book