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no maximum

Checking and savings accounts with no maximums to open, nothing to get between you and your money.

built for you

Get some top savings rates and banking tools from our award-winning savings and checking accounts.

Peace of mind

Kick back, relax and bank easy with fraud coverage and FDIC-insurance up to allowable limits.

Why bank with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China New York - (ICBC Bank New York USA).?

Find personal banking services and products to fit your life. From the simplicity of our bank accounts to the ease of opening them, across digital experiences and physical Cafe, we're bringing you a whole new way of banking.


Manage your money on the go.

Bank almost anywhere, anytime with our top-rated mobile banking app and easy-to-use digital tools. monitor your credit with Creditwise and send and receive money with Zelle. It's all right at your fingertips so you can spend less time banking and more time living.

  • Save up to 50% online
  • Unlimited cash back
  • Personal & Business Lending
  • No monthly or maintenance fees
  • 24/7 Banking
  • Worldwide Fund Transfer

Inviting spaces. Friendly people.

Across the country, our ICBC Bank Private Cafe are comfortable, inviting spaces where you can get help from Ambassadors, sign up for workshops or free Money Coaching sessions, or kick back with a cup of Peet's Coffee Wi-Fi is on the house.